introduction – DAY 0

Seminar for Campus Media in Israel

December 28th, 2015 – January 4th, 2016

Project Interchange: Connecting leaders worldwide with Israel

About the AJC: Project Interchange (from provided materials and website):

Participant Requirements

  • Demonstrate strong leadership in campus media outlets
  • Show an interest in learning from established journalists and correspondents on the ground in Israel
  • Show an interest in leadership and coalition building skills
  • Display an interest in international affairs, science/ high-tech, business, intercultural and/or interreligious dialogue
  • Have no recent travel/ study abroad experience in Israel

About Us

“For over a century, AJC has been the leading global advocacy organization working to advance human rights and democratic values for all. With 22 offices across the United States, and representatives in Jerusalem, Brussels, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Rome, New Delhi, Tokyo, Hong Kong and São Paolo, its reach is unparalleled.

As part of the AJC network, Project Interchange is uniquely dedicated to providing comprehensive educational seminars in Israel for government, media, civic, and academic leaders. Participants in past seminars have included presidents, prime ministers, members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, university presidents and prominent journalists from around the world. To date, Project Interchange has implemented programs for more than 6,000 delegates from all 50 United States and 89 countries.

This specially-tailored, nonpartisan seminar for Campus Media Leaders is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of Israel, including its political, historical, cultural, technological, strategic and religious dimensions.  The briefings, tours and site visits in which you will participate will introduce you to the many facets of Israel. Discussions with Palestinian and Israeli Arab leaders will offer additional insights into the complex issues affecting Israel and the surrounding region.

We hope that the seminar allows you to gain an enriched appreciation for the challenges and opportunities facing Israel and its neighbors. When it comes to understanding Israel, there is no substitute for first-hand experience. Project Interchange delivers exactly that to today’s most influential voices. Project Interchange’s week-long educational visits offer participants broad exposure to complex regional issues and foster lasting connections between Israel and opinion makers throughout the world. Project Interchange is unique in tailoring programs to the specific interests of high-level delegations, while providing an overview of contemporary Israeli politics, strategic and foreign policy perspectives.”

*I’ll add in my own words that the program was nonpartisan and never focused on having its participants come out with a certain opinion. Rather, we were asked to listen, ask questions, and challenge our speakers and then ultimately and individually, develop our opinions.


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