writing published elsewhere



Poetry: “Your Body”

NPR Goats & Soda:

Opinion: An Appeal To Youth To Face Coronavirus With Self-Sacrifice, Not Selfishness

American Journal of Bioethics:

The professional obligations of medical students in COVID-19 Responses


The Tempest, Mayo Clinic:

Poetry: “The Oud” and “When you are far away”

American Journal of Bioethics:

Multiple Marginalizations: What Bioethics Can Learn From Black Feminism


Wellesley College Honors Thesis:

Investigating the protein corona of novel nanovehicles in model biological fluids

Huffington Post:

Doctors Must Educate Themselves on Transgender Health Care

Canada Looks to Legalize Physician-assisted Suicide: Should the U.S. Follow Suit?

AmbryShare Restores Genes to the Public Domain

The Spoke:

Safer Healthcare Requires Cooperation on Cybersecurity

The Patriot Ledger, Brockton Enterprise, & Sharon Advocate

The Case for Religious Literacy in Organ Donation

Wellesley News (A selection of Op-Eds (independently written) and Editorials (for which I collaborated):

The Diverse Value of a Wellesley Conservative

To Minister, We Need Initiative

Wellesley Must Challenge Socioeconomic Bias of College Government

Pursuing Careers in Science: Don’t be Afraid to Think Small

Streamline FAFSA

College Unfairly Fires Jewish Chaplaincy and Staff

Patton’s Unfounded Claims about Marriage Mislead College Women

Financially Biased Admissions Hurt Students from Low-Income Backgrounds

Shadow Grading Will Promote academic Curiosity

Trigger Warnings Promote Engagement and Respect Diversity

Multicultural Requirement Fails as a Diversity Education Measure

Individuals Must Take Initiative in Building Religious Pluralism on Campus

A Small Campus Requires Tougher and More Vigilant Journalism

Don’t Soft-Pedal Police Brutality

Islamophobia Undermines Democracy

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